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    Keith Winn, Owner/President 

    A native of Arizona, my path to founding Native Sun Construction is a bit unusual.  For most of my life, the Winn family owned rental properties in and around Glendale, AZ. 

    From a young age, I was actively involved in the repair and maintenance of those rentals. When prepping the unit for a new tenant I would be involved in cleaning, painting, repairing plumbing, fixing drywall, installing cabinets, hanging ceiling fans, mowing the lawn and doing just about any other job you could imagine.

    After college I worked in public relations for a number if years, first with Habitat for Humanity, Valley of the Sun – in South Phoenix.  There I served as the organization's public relations coordinator. During the week, I helped get the word out about the organization. On the weekends, I led volunteer construction crews.  Helping low-income families build their first homes was exciting and humbling.

    After working with several top advertising agencies in Phoenix and running my own consulting firm I began to feel as though I was lacking something tangible in my life.

    With the support of my soon to be wife, Michelle, I decided to leave the world of ties and business luncheons and pick up a hammer.

    After serving as a project superintendent for several years I launched my own company, Native Sun Construction, LLC. 



    Michelle LaPietra-Winn 

    Not only is Michelle married to Keith, but she is an integral part of Native Sun Construction, LLC and one of his inspirations for focusing on adaptive and safety home remodeling.

    A licensed speech language pathologist Michelle works primarily with patients facing chronic diseases or the aftermath of a traumatic injury. She routinely sees patients leaving a hospital setting and returning to a home which may not be the safest for them or able to accommodate their new needs. Facing some disabilities of her own due to a car accident, Michelle knows first-hand some of the challenges ahead of her patients and how a few simply modifications can make their lives much less complicated and safer.

    Originally from Chicago, Michelle first fell in love with Arizona in her teens, when she would visit with her family to escape the mid-west winters.  It was during one of these trips that she decided one day, she would move to Arizona.

    While working in marketing in Chicago, Michelle was involved in a car accident. Her injuries were so severe that she spent several months in the hospital. The next several years were spent learning to live life with her injuries. At one point she was told that she would never get out of a wheelchair. 

    Through several years of hard work and perseverance, Michelle proved everyone wrong and learned to walk with the assistance of crutches.  During this same time she went back to school to pursue a degree in speech pathology. After graduation and working at several hospitals around Chicago, she made good on her promise and planned her move to Arizona.

    Not long after her move to Arizona Michelle met Keith. They have been together since 2002 and were married in the summer of 2006.